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I would highly suggest that you add some grass carp shortly after clearing the water with Alum. My experience using Alum was after the water cleared and sunlight hit the ponds bottom, vegetation showed up and alot of it. It's better to have the grass carp than not to have them. After the plants took off at my pond I spoke with several people on how or what and when to add chemical for controlling the vegetation. The very first question I was asked by all of them was do I have grass carp, if not get some.

I was considering going the dye route. I know there is plenty of debate on that, but I have a lot of good american pond weed around the edges of the pond and i feed the heck out of these fish and have a hatchery near by if I ever feel I need more.

Sort of feel like it would be easier to manage fish population with feed and adding new ones versus fighting this pond weed at the bottom of the pond.

It's good stuff but I don't enjoy fishing in it.