Or is it all or nothing?

I live in a very hot climate. 3 months out of the year it's north of 100F every single day. My pond is very cloudy with suspended clay so the top 18" are very warm but since sunlight doesn't get through the bottom is super cold which my LMB will probably like. So I'd like to clear it some, but not so much that the sun penetrates to the bottom.

It's only 8' at the deepest.

Curious if that's even possible? I did an Alum test in both a 1 gallon and 5 gallon bucket and it cleared it no problem. I'm just curious if I use a little bit less than is needed can I partially clear it so that I get decent visibility for the LMB while giving the sun a hard time reaching the bottom? Or will I just be wasting money and that not work at all?

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