4CP - Oh I am definitely progressing. I have no fear of ice or anything like that. Up there it's like Mother Nature is bipolar or maybe quadpolar! I'm just documenting the fun! A guy below us at ~8,900' said he got 5" of extremely wet snow at his place. We usually get some amount more than him. Sometimes a lot more, sometimes only a little more.

I have a weather station up there now that I can log into. It got down to 25F night before last and 29F last night. For what I am trying to do the colder temps are excellent. The last trip up there my buddy recorded water temp of 58.8F already! This year I am going to try to keep the surface water temp below 65F. So we backed the aeration off two hours and now it turns off at 2:00pm. When I get up there I am going to face my solar array slightly more to the East to try to capture more sun earlier in the morning. Then I think I can start the pumps around 6:00am and turn off at 12:00pm. We will see what happens.

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