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SetterGuy do you not have any issues with the RES nipping? I had wanted to add them for parasite controls as you stated and to provide a bit more forage for WE, but had no idea if they were little bastards too lol. And I am going to have to get a dock in ASAP. We have steep slopes as well and it's almost entirely clay.

Adam, I’m not sure. It could be the RES, but when the grandkids are worm fishing the catch is 90/10 HBG vs RES, so I’m guessing HBG. I’ve swam in farm ponds my whole life, and never really have gotten used to the nipping. The nipping I’m referring to though draws blood. I’ve thought that the HBG I added we’re crossed with piranha. The good news is though, for kids, active swimmers don’t get nipped, it’s just old guys floating around with an adult beverage in hand. A bloody nipple is no laughing matter, although it is. laugh. Wife stays in a floating lounger. They can’t get to her. Although she feels them trying to bite through the fabric. Grandkids splashing and swimming never get touched.

Good info to know, Thanks. I think I'm gonna just try perch / WE and see how it goes.