Just joined. We just dug new pond about 3/4s acre, 6-7 average depth; 15 max. Put in trees and boulders for structure. Has a spillway for overflow. The pond is now about 75% full from rainwater and natural spring. Wildlife is showing up already. Water is starting to clear up nicely and see just a hint of algae. My motivation for the pond was to reduce mowing and create a fishing pond. My objective is to have 3-4lb LMB to catch in three years. Consulted a pond mgt team; my stocking plan is FHMs this spring, bluegill and Red Ears next Fall, and LMB a year from now. I have lots of questions; right now I to know about testing my water to ensure it's chemically right for fish. I'm retired Army, work for the VA and will retire for good in three years, so I'm in no hurry, I just want to make a good fishing pond, and a nice place for wildlife to hang out. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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