I hear ya and I am definitely raising the diffusers next year. I guess I need to be a 4' if I am getting 3'+ of ice.

However, some of this stuff may be "what came first, the chicken or the egg"? When we were at the cabin, after I shot the dome and got a hole open, I could start the compressor and watch the ice lift off the water. For the first five minutes or so I could see the bubbles and water moving all around on the ice formed overnight. Quickly after that all that water movement would vanish and it would just be clear ice. If a storm shuts me down for a couple days and the ice gets a little thick and then lifts off the water when compressor restarts, I don't think it matters what the water temp is if the water can't touch the ice. For my location I think it is going to take elevated diffusers and the pipe to make sure holes stay open.

What brand membranes are you using for medium and coarse bubbles?

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