Canyon - I am hoping/assuming the ice isn't NEAR as thick over the diffusers. I would love to be able to see what the bottom of the ice looks like. It has to have some major contours with all the air I am throwing at it.

Joey - Thank you. My buddy has gone up early February but never early March. This is the thickest ice we've seen so far up there, but I am assuming this is normal. This hasn't even been a really cold year. Hopefully we are on the downhill side of it now. I would happily swap issues with you!! LOL When are you going to post some Brookie pics!!??

Once again I am just totally confused up there. I cannot understand where all that air is going. Obviously the air has to be escaping SOMEWHERE. Buddy flew the drone over the lake looking for any signs of an "escape hatch" and saw nothing. I thought there could possibly be a wet spot or even a hole along the shoreline by the timber that I just couldn't see in the trailcam pics.

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