Buddy went up to the cabin on Sunday to check things out for me and make some changes. He set the 1HP pump to run for 9 hours 7:00am-4:00 pm. I figured we just throw the HP at the ice and we will break through at some point. So far we have had 4 full days at 9 hours and no sign of a hole. He also took a DO & Temp reading for me. He said the auger was almost unable to get through the ice. He had it buried all the way to the handle and it just barely poked through. He estimated 3' to 3.5' of ice!! WAY more than I expected this time of year. Water temp was ~32.5F to 33F. DO was a disappointing .8PPM at 10' deep (he got the same reading last year and fish survived in the lake somewhere). He did not take a 1' deep DO reading. Going to be interesting to see how long it takes the 1HP pump to break through the ice now with the increased run time.

Good news is snow levels have dropped a good bit. Warm temps this week should drop some more. Hoping that will help us get a hole open that we can keep open till ice off.

Fortunately there isn't ever as much snow on the lake as there is on the driveway. Wind keeps it blown off pretty good I guess. Poor ole F150 toughing it out.
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