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Scott - I wonder if a PART of why yours does not dome is how close your diffuser is to shore?? It seems that would immediately vent any air if the ice started to lift. I only mentioned my ice thickness in response to Bill Cody saying he waited until his ice was 5-6" thick before starting aeration and maybe that much ice weight discouraged doming.

Possibly, but when I start the diffuser with ice on the pond and no snow I can watch the air bubble move and it seems to move to the middle of the pond and east, which is to the left in the picture that is taken from the opposite shore.

I had it out further from shore, but one year 2 of my Springer Spaniels went in after a few geese. That was fine when the air temp was in the upper 20's and one brought a grey barnyard goose up to the house (alive). A few days later the temp dropped like a rock to sub zero temps and this time when they went into the water after the geese (I let them out to go to the bathroom, NOT to chase the geese - the pond is 150 yds. from the house) and they got so cold that they couldn't climb back up on the ice to get out. I DID get them out, but I can't tell you how close I was to loosing them both.

I didn't want to take that chance again and moved the diffuser closer to the shore so anything that went in could get to shore to get out and that's how I set up all winter diffusers that we sell locally. I advise any customers that purchase aeration systems to set them up that way and why.


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