Bill D - that is interesting. My closest diffuser to shore is 130-140'. I would THINK that would also be close enough to vent air. Unfortunately, while I was there I could not find any evidence of an"escape hatch". Maybe I just could not see it. You would think that all that air MUST be going SOMEWHERE. However, you did also say once yours vented the diffuser was able to open a hole. How long did that take? Mine has been domed over for over two weeks now. As usual I am so confused! I have got a lot of air that seems to be going to the Bermuda Triangle.

Scott - I wonder if a PART of why yours does not dome is how close your diffuser is to shore?? It seems that would immediately vent any air if the ice started to lift. I only mentioned my ice thickness in response to Bill Cody saying he waited until his ice was 5-6" thick before starting aeration and maybe that much ice weight discouraged doming.

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