Esshup - I will be looking forward to what you find. Anyway to measure temps out from the dock to see how far the water is moving?

Bill D - that is interesting. How long did it take for the hole at the shoreline to open up? How far is the diffuser from the shore? Last year my holes disappeared for two months!! I am now assuming they were domed over the entire time! Currently I have been domed over since 1/08!! Pumping ~ 8 CFM. I just don't understand where all that air can be going!!

Bill C - I guess the problem with mine is it is intermittent because my overall ice very thick. It was 7-8" thick 20 yards or so from the hole. The ice freezes back up overnight and then the next morning lifts up in about 15 minutes. Maybe it doesn't dome every time, but once it domes up enough the aeration is negated until something ends the dome.

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