I will have some data collected in a few weeks. Here is the situation:

A customer wanted to put in an aeration system to de-ice the water around his pier on a local public lake. A 2 cfm compressor was ordered, and 3 single disk air stations were installed under the pier. The pier is "T" shaped. Water under the pier varies from approx. 18" near shore to 48" at the end where the "T" is.

With the drop in temps last week the lake iced over. In the 5F temps the lake also froze over around the pier when the 35 mpg winds pushed ice around the pier. Winds were from the South, and had a 350 yd. straight shot across the lake.

The system was able to open an area approximately 5'-6' in diameter over each diffuser disk. Not enough to keep all the ice away from the pier.

I am going to swap out the 2 cfm compressor for one that outputs approximately 9 cfm and run it for a few days until different diffuser disks arrive (coarser bubbles). I will then swap back to the 2 cfm compressor and see how it performs with the different (coarser) diffusers, and then swap back to the 9 cfm compressor with the coarser disks. I will then see if I can retrofit some 2"x12" air stones in place of the disks and see how they do with each compressor.

One last possible option is swapping in a Regenerative Blower with 1" airline and the 2"x12" stones.

Pictures and a report will follow as data is generated.


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