MNFish is an engineer and has run a bunch of calculations on the clamping force, pulling force, etc of the ice and doesn't think it is an issue. Plus he has installed pipes in his ponds that get 3' of ice and none of them have blown over or pulled up.

Here is how I imagine it (I am no engineer). There will be a frozen circle of ice inside the pipe. If it is connected to the ice outside of the pipe it can only be connected by the small amount of ice that forms through the drilled holes. I think as soon as the sun, especially at my elevation, gets on the pipe and heats it up a gap is going to form between the ice and the pipe, inside and outside of the pipe. That will be all we need for air to escape between the ice and pipe and/or allow the sheet of ice to rise up the pipe without pulling the pipe up and vent air through the pipe.

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