I would have to agree AND slightly disagree. I do think snow bridging and doming might have the same effects on DO BUT I think they are different problems to solve, especially at our place.

I think if it was snow bridging across the holes then a giant hole would probably solve the problem. It would be too big for the snow to "span" the hole, therefore the snow would collapse and the hole would be open. Also, if snow doming was the problem, once a hole opened it would take a new snow storm to close the hole.

I had a quad diffuser and a dual diffuser ~30-50' away from each other. When the hole was open, it was very large, but it failed to stay open.

To me, ice doming seems much more difficult to solve. Ice doming appears to be able to span a very large hole. Ice doming also seems to be able to happen any time the hole freezes closed overnight and then air turns back on the next morning. I had holes open Sunday afternoon and when the air turned back on Monday morning it immediately domed up and has stayed that way. I did turn off the air to the quad diffuser while I was there. That should substantially increase the CFM to the remaining discs.

I also learned there are as many types of snow as there are types of mud. The type of snow we get the most of at our cabin is snow with the consistency of sugar. It does not pack down at all. You cannot make a snow ball out of it, at all, period. When the wind blows it blows the snow around like dust. 24 hours after we drove the snowcat on it, it would get hard and you could pack it, make snowballs, whatever. I say all that to say this. We had 4 foot of snow on the driveway, but only about 4 inches of snow on the lake thanks to consistent wind. Again, you could kick the snow around like sugar. That kind of snow isn't bridging across anything I don't think.

Last few years I thought maybe there was too much snow on the lake for the windmill to chew through. Like I said, only 4 inches of snow cover on the lake while we were there, but no windmill hole the entire time even though it consistently spun everyday. Now I am 99.9% certain the windmill hole domes up for long stretches as well.

Working on a solution. MNFish is going to do some testing of a prototype in MN.

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