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That'd be my guess is the snow is bridging over the holes high enough off of the water so the water cannot touch it to melt it. I'd be willing to bet that the larger hole proves that theory.

Can you guesstimate the sizes of the holes in the ice in the first picture? (11-25-2019)

Esshup I'll give a little perspective from the 11-25-19 pic and then take a stab. The Koenders windmill tower in that pic is 20' tall plus a couple feet for the blades. I measured the smallest hole, from the Koenders, on my screen and it's 1/2" and the windmill looks like slightly under 1/2" so I am gonna call the little hole 25' in diameter. The big hole is almost 3" so I am gonna say ~140' in that pic. No where near that big now tho.

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