Hobbyman I'm wishing you the best this winter!! I am curious what issues you had with your pumps?? Was it condensation related? Do you think you can prevent the same issues this year? If you made a post about this I missed it.

Believe it or not I had a 5,500 watt propane generator, that I never hooked up, out at the cabin just for that purpose. I already have a 1,000 gallon propane tank buried. In the end I decided the generator wasn't worth the cost. I actually just sold the generator about two days ago. The number of times we are shutdown due to power out is very very slim. It is the condensation that kills me. The past two years being able to run the pump wasn't the issue. The issue was getting the air from the pump to the water.

Plus this wind turbine is supposed to be my belt and suspenders if we can ever get the dang thing to work right. That is whole other painful story lol....

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