First issue of the year...

We had a breaker mysteriously trip on the charge controller. This took down the incoming power from solar. The pump continued to run and drained the batteries down to the level where the system cuts off to protect the batteries. It took a week for my buddy to get up there and diagnose and correct the problem. The power came back online and the system rebooted. The pump started running again and air flowing. While the pump was down we got ~20" of snow and some low temps around 0. Temps returned to somewhat normal and most of the snow that is exposed to the sun has melted off. Today is the 4th day the pump has been back up and running. The diffusers have chewed through the ice and the holes are getting a little bigger each day. Currently the 1HP pump is only running 4.5 hours per day. We are going to bump that up to 5.5 or 6 hours.

Had to look back on this thread to see run times and results in the past. It has been very handy to have this thread as a data log.

While my buddy was up he got some DO data. We were at 36 degree water temps and 8.6 PPM of DO!! This was after aeration had been shut down and the lake fully frozen over with snow cover for one week. We are very excited and encouraged about those numbers.Gonna be an interesting Winter!

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