Canyon - I posted some long updates on the page before this one. I even posted a video of the new turbine. It's pretty cool.

I now have one aeration windmill that pumps air. I replaced my second air pumper with an actual turbine to generate electricity. Struggling with that process still and to date we have made 95 watts! LOL

If I had to name the strategy this Winter it would be "Operation Hulk Smash"! We are running the big 1HP pump as much as we can as long as we can! We are currently still running for ~9 hours per day right now. Going to dial it back to 4.5 hours here soon though. It is pushing 9 vertex discs. 6 of those discs are in ~18' of water. The other 3 are in ~12' of water. I redesigned the valve box and things are much better. Pressures are lower. Compressor temps are 50 degrees lower!!! Hoping all this leads to less condensation produced.

I redid the valve box with metal pipe, valves and fittings. At the very end of the line, the lowest spot, I drilled a tiny hole in the metal plug. The smallest drill bit I had. I put that plug in before I left. The idea is it will blow out/drip/pee condensation all day and drain the line when the compressor turns off. IF the little hole freezes up, it will hopefully thaw the next day after some amount of run time and the whole process will repeat. That's the plan anyway. I also insulated the lid to the valve box so now it is 4" of spray foam. Inside the box should stay warmer by some amount this Winter.

Hoping to get some DO data in the next week or two. Just waiting on my buddy to make it up there.

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