The "grass blade bloom" continued on into the end of September. By the time we were leaving the bloom was finally starting to fade out, but it was still there. At one time there was quite a bit of the "grass blades" in the water and I think it was making my DO sag significantly overnight. Could have also been the bloom combined with whatever die off is going on whenever my water temps hit the mid 50s.
For the first time ever my water is VERY VERY clear. At times I could see 6 to 8 feet deep. That has NEVER happened before. Interestingly, reading up on those grass blade blooms says they are associated with very clear water.

Caught some big Splake (Lake Trout x Brook Trout) while we were there. Biggest one was probably 16-18". They were stocked this time last year at 6-8". I think they would be bigger if they had not had to endure such a harsh Winter that killed most of the fish. Interesting side note: I stocked 400 Brook Trout and 100 Splake. The only fish caught in our lake this year were Splake and they seem to be the only fish that over Wintered in our lake. I think only a fraction of the 100 survived. Perhaps it has something to do with hybrid vigor? Here's one of the big Splake

The Brook Trout are so colorful this time of the year they look fake! This fish is a perfect example of why I am trying so hard to over Winter and grow trophy Brookies. Imagine this guy at 3 LBS!!

Not great fish pics because I was trying to be as gentle as possible with them and they were determined not to cooperate!

Pulled up some underwater vegetation when I pulled the boat anchor up. I assumed most of this stuff would have died off when we raised the water level so much, but it is still there, growing much deeper than I would have thought possible. I am sure this is a big part of my over Winter problems. Cool side note: Check out all the snails and scuds that came out of this one small bunch of plants. I never knew there were snails much less that many snails in the lake.

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