You're most welcome.

Say listen, I've been lately giving some thought to building an excel spreadsheet for keeping harvest and catch data. It would involve one sheet for storing the data and another sheet with a pivot table and graphs made from the pivot table. In essence the additional sheet (or possibly sheets) would display the data organized by year, species, relative weights and so on. Given your enthusiasm, I have enough confidence in your interest to use it that I would like to design it around your existing protocol of measurement taking.

Just to give you an idea ... I am presented with differing options for determining weight. One is simply a length measurement that is converted to standard weight. This option may be favored by one who only takes length measurements. The other option would be weight measurement which is more accurate but maybe less convenient.

And so I would like you to give some thought about this and to some of the insights that you would like extract from your records and also whether you would be interested in using a spreadsheet like this. I would just post the excel file here in this thread and it would be available to all.

There are insights I would also like to extract from well kept records. One thing that greatly interests me are harvest numbers and how productive waters can be under differing management, species combination, and supplement fertility scenarios. In sharing something like this I would also hope that the information gathered might also be shared.

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