Thanks for the great explanations JPS! I have found the "Missouri Pond Handbook" that I believe you are referencing and added it to my initial post for safekeeping. For the record, it states...

"When the carrying capacity is reached, fish growth will slow down until some fish die or are removed. Ten-year-old ponds in Missouri average about 250 pounds of fish per acre of water. This usually includes about 190 pounds of bluegill, 35 pounds of largemouth bass, and the remainder will be catfish and other species. If you remove 25 pounds of fish, 25 pounds will grow back. This 25 pounds of fish may grow back as 100 4-ounce fish, or perhaps five fish of 5 pounds each, or any combination of sizes and numbers totaling 25 pounds."

...among other great information.

Thanks again! Time to get busy with population management.

Fish on!,