I have started making a cage for collecting the fish that should be functional by Saturday. The water clarity has increased to 25 inches and I am going to renege on my thoughts of turning off the aeration for a night as an experiment on DO levels. I do hope to get some bottom samples this weekend, but I still have not noodled a way to get them without snrub diving (maybe he can come over and drop his glasses in and get some muck while he's down there)...I'll figure something out and post some photos. I'm thinking...extend-a-pole, coffee can, & duct tape should do it???

My calculation adjustments merely moved the total to 236 pounds (this number is standing weight right?). I adjusted the weights of all the fish, some up, some down according to my observations even though the RES are nowhere to be seen. I have ignored any recruitment as I believe it to be minimal. Either way, I would bet that my removed total will be based on fishing success this fall and should that success be better than expected...taking more out can only help the DO levels and improve future growth of the HBG. So here goes!

JPS, Are there rule-of-thumb charts for carrying capacities/standing weights? (I'm still unsure of the difference...standing wt = current pounds per acre? carrying cap = a standing weight at which a fish kill is near given current conditions?).

Thanks for all y'all's time, help, concern, and the compliments on the fish! I contribute my success to God's grace and Pondboss.

Fish on!,