Thats a great lookin fish right there...
Glad you gave the worms a shot and it worked for you. I hate fishing with them, but sometimes a person has to go back to the basics.
In your other post you said they were caught in bg territory, I have no doubt they are roaming where bg do. I have been watching mine blow up on minnows a couple feet off the banks all summer. I have read countless times that hsb are open water fish, and believe this to be true, but like any animal on this planet they are going to go where the food is. I talked to a Mo conservation fishery guy about my stocking plans and he told me not to put in bg that the hsb would not go to the bg hangouts to feed on them. My first thought was what are they gonna eat then, second thought was hungry fish gonna go where the foods at. The hsb I have caught this year have been right where my bg are at. I have also caught them in rivers right where you would catch bg, and right off the banks.
Again beautiful fish. Iam sure you enjoyed the fight. I would start eatin some, looks the right size to me. I quess you know that as they get bigger so must your fishing line lol