OK, now that's some info I can warp (yes, warp) my head around. Thanks for the mathematical lesson...I'll take that advice and challenge. It all seems to click together...Low DO, lots of fish, muddy waters, low feeding enthusiasm, and the HBG seemed to have topped out size-wise this summer.

I will make some adjustments to the calculations as I believe my HSB average weights are above 1.6#. I went to the pond last night targeting HBG for the fun of catching since I caught the ever-elusive HSB last weekend for check weights AND ended up catching 4 more HSB along with 7 HBG, all in one hour. It was, by far, the best fishing that my pond as produced. Bottom line...the lightest HSB was 2# and the whopper was 2.6# @ 18" long (new pond record). I even caught two HSB in a row! I've never caught two in a day or even a week, maybe a month and I was fishing in the HBG's corner of the pond.

I will concentrate on culling a bunch of HBG and even a few HSB this fall (starting this weekend). I will also try to ladder stock in some HSB soon to keep them populated long term. Does anybody nearby need some 6-7 inch HBG for their pond?

I can't thank you folks enough for your time and attention! Let the good times roll!

Fish on!,