Joey...I assume you mean the "stratification" of DO. DO stratifies in a pond without aeation, right? Mine seems to stratify daily when the air is off. That makes good sense to me, anyhow, and befuddles me too as to why the DO levels are so low either way. My snapshots over the last few months seem to be telling a common story...DO levels in the 4-6 range are common and somewhat predictable...constantly mixed and low throughout the water column after the aeration shuts off and better at the surface 8 hours later.

JP...the top photo is of an extreme event that seems to happen once during the early summer to slightly different degrees the past two years . The last photo shows water conditions of recent which still looks green to me.

I read some about the "standing weight and carrying capacity" as I couldn't tell you the difference.

Thanks to all for participating, I appreciate the thought provoking conversations!

Fish on!,