QA, I must have been grabbing at straws, I guess. That top pic is more than enough bloom IMHO. I just don't understand why the water doesn't reach saturation by late afternoon. With oxygen, there are two perspective to consider, one being the production of oxygen via photosynthesis and to a lesser extent absorption from the water/air interface. The other perspective is the demand for oxygen which will come from your pond life (even your plants at night). It's worth asking the question of whether your standing weight is above the ponds carrying capacity ... though I can't tell you if that is the case.

To be sure they are not the same thing (standing weight and carrying capacity). It is even possible to persistently crop more on an annual basis than the pond can carry. At this point, oxygen isn't so limited (at least in combination with your aeration efforts) as to cause a kill so you have time to evaluate.


I might be low on algae and have too much fish biomass also...pushing my ponds carrying capacity. Wouldn't the ammonia tests show that?

I'm not sure ... but to me the bloom seems sufficient to handle fish wastes.

QA, one other thing to consider. The period of late summer through turnover is the natural time of the year where DO is most stressed. Temperatures are high and daylight is rapidly waning during this time. To make matters worse the nights are correspondingly longer. So your BOW is experiencing to some degree what all BOW's are experiencing. Not saying you shouldn't be concerned but just saying you KNOW where your DO is and a lot folks in the same situation are completely oblivious to what is going on in their water.

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