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QA, One thing stands out to me in your graph. Your BOW's PH is never alkaline ... its always acidic ... all day all night? I also noticed from a different post you made that your phosphorous is always zero. How is your primary production? Do you get good algal blooms ... just saying ... that if there isn't enough algae ...

My artistic touch on that graph is misleading, I am sorry...My pH actually spends time above and below neutral, but only slightly either direction. My intention for the chart was to merely show the peak later in the day. I believe my ph to be in good place.

I may be short on algae, however, since the brown color of the water subsided, after the removal of some craws, it has had a nice green color. And, the pond has had a few heavy blooms, typically early in the summer. So, I feel like the algae is there...but may be struggling with consistency. What I have very little of is submerged plant-life. Here are a couple examples of heavy green blooms...

Here is one before the craws were removed with the muddy waters that existed most of the year (secchi = 12")...

Here is a recent photo that shows the lack of muddy water with it's touch of green (secchi = 22")...

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If the condition were a fish standing weight greater than the algal biomass can optimally supply with oxygen then you might get at least some of the conditions you are seeing. The fish metabolism would respond to lower levels of oxygen by slowing down. I think I would get the water tested and get some recommendations for water fertility. A PH modifier (like lime) might be front and center on any recommendations made.

I might be low on algae and have too much fish biomass also...pushing my ponds carrying capacity. Wouldn't the ammonia tests show that?

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