This post may be a bit premature, but my water clarity has improved from 11" secchi to 18" since my last post. The water has been brown/tan looking most of the season and now has more green to it plus deeper visibility. The diffusers were raised to about 3 foot off the bottom earlier this year (from 18") with no improvements, but I have removed 150 crawdads between 4 and 5" long in the last 2 weeks. Coincidence?...hard telling just yet, but I'm glad for it. I look forward to running water tests this weekend and keeping an eye on clarity.

Oddly enough, my trap with 1/2" mesh only gathers these large juveniles. I stocked alot (200) of 1-2" craws prior to stocking the gamefish, another 100 the same year as stocking and believe that they grew out ahead the fish which kept them from becoming snacks. It is probable that they really contributed to my muddy waters and a lack of vegetation. Hopefully, my efforts to manage the situation shows good results. The HSB have also been showing up at meal time too since the water has cleared up some.

Fish on!,