I'm posting to keep the log up to date with yesterday's water tests. I can't say that there is much to talk about other than yesterday's rain runoff was tested and the DO levels in that runoff were higher than the actual pond water. I half expected that, but it's good to have the evidence.

Tests were conducted at 5:30 pm with the overflow pipe in action and water coming into the pond. We had several inches of rain over the previous days (over 6").

Water temps coming in - 69,
Pond temps - 72 down to 71,
outflow - 71

DO of inflow - 7ppm
DO of pond 12" down from surface - 5ppm

secchi - 11"

pH of inflow and pond water - 7

Ammonia, Nitrates, and Phosphates for inflow and pond waters were all ZERO.

My farmer of the watershed only fertilizes in the spring, so I will be interested in inflow tests next spring after application, but for right now...All's "right as rain".

Fish on!,