thanks for the thread link and the stir/pump ideas. We used a backhoe on it about 12 years ago but didn't want to press our luck creating a leak. Reached out as far as we could and took a bucket depth all the way around.

about killed myself hand digging/burying the air cable down the hill to the diffusers. extension cords from the cgfi at the house until I can run the power 200ft to the pole. almost done with that phase.

I started with 2-9" diffusers until I can see if I need a third because of my sallow depth. Bob and a guest on one of his shows suggested the air may not spread and drop like with deeper ponds (hence 3) so I'm keeping that in mind.

All in all it's a nice little pond already. perch hybrid, catfish, turtles, frogs and ducks. I have Bermuda almost all the way around now.

more concerned about not impacting the health of the pond trying to improve it.