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If you have a little extra money laying around you can purchase a large sprinkler, trash pump and then seed and water the area. Go to Big Sprinkler.com. I tried the normal yard type sprinklers and was a waste of time and money. The big sprinkler works great for large areas. And for seed right now it's getting really close to the time for planting Elbon Rye (order from local seed and feed store) for feeding the deer around the pond, if you are interested in that. Stays green all fall and winter and can be mowed if you want.

Wow! ! ! I Like those sprinklers. I certainly will be getting a couple of those for my new place. Thanks for the info.

Ha! I love mine to. They are well built and can do almost a half acre before I move it a little for another half acre. Really great during our droughts we have here in Texas.

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