Hi all,

Yesterday, I was walking around my 1 acre, 16 feet deep pond and noticed hundreds of small fish swimming around. I knew they weren't minnows, so I went out with a net to catch some. They were too fast, so I switched to a small hook and tiny peice or worm which seemed to work. Anyway, I caught one and am almost 100% sure they are Largemouth Bass, which makes sense since I did see three of four medium sized fish swimming around last year that I knew weren't my Brown Trout. Unfortunately, I didn't try to fish them out, and I think they bread.

I have attached some pictures, so people can see if they look like bass to you, although I will say under the water they have the distinct black stripe. It doesn't really show in the photos I took in the air.


What do you think about having this many bass in a trout pond? There are about 60-80 Brown Trout, and the pond is aerated with a fountain. My worry is there is not enough food to support them, since there are only minnows, frogs, and insects. Maybe a few crayfish as well. Also, how long will it take these babies to get big?

Thanks for reading and your help.


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