Snipe, Thanks for chiming in! I would venture a guess that the warmer water temps keeps the HSB from hunting their prey and hinders their growth? And, I can see your point about more accurate measurements making a noticeable difference in WR results.

This weekend's trapping/culling results:

I set the trap out yesterday to cull medium size HBG and managed to catch about 30 to 40 ranging from 2" to 4.5". I would guess that 1/3 of them had been caught before as their rear fins had been cropped. So much for the HSB getting them quickly. I will be taking about 20 medium sized (3-4") HBG out and installing them in a neighbors CC pond that needs some help with forage. The smaller ones were cropped, if not already, and returned to the pond.

The trap only produced a few crawdads during the day time. It was re-baited and set out over night and produced about 30 to 40 craws, 4 to 5" craws with only 1 HBG,. That's a pretty typical haul for and over night trapping. The craws were returned to the pond even though I suspect them for my muddy water...their time is coming.

Fish on!,