I am truly blessed to be there. At night it looks like the Milky Way is laying right on top of you. First time I was ever up there I immediately saw why they call it the Milky Way. Being from Atlanta I had NEVER seen anything like it. This Summer up there I saw a meteor go across the sky that was like the size of a pencil eraser. It was like I could see the fire around the edges of it. Truly astonishing.

Yes 2,000 watts around 25mph SHOULD be it's peak. I expect it to spend a lot more time in the 500-1,000 watt range. Most of our really big wind is in the Winter though so it should be a perfect combo.

We did eat the Splake and it was good, but not as good as the Brook Trout from last year. More like the Lake Trout I have eaten. The Splake's meat was pinkish, but the Brookies meat was more than Pink. It looked and tasted more like Salmon. That's one of the reasons I am determined to grow big Brookies.

Here's another cool pic from this Summer. I got one similar to this a couple years ago, but didn't catch the rainbow quite in time. This year I caught it when it was right in the lake!!

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