Joey - thank you!

Thankfully no Grizzlies around us. In past years when we had fish kills every year we have every bear in the county at our pond at ice out.

The turbine should be capable of producing 2,000 watts. Right now it is a big learning experience with tuning this power curve. Much more complicated than I expected. I have the curve/turbine toned down substantially during this learning phase and it shouldn't be able to produce max power. I will be back out there at the end of September and plan to experiment more and leave it less restricted for the Winter.

Last Fall I stocked 300 Brookies and 100 Splake (Brook Trout x Lake Trout). We only caught three fish this Summer. The last fish got killed so we didn't fish it anymore after that. All three fish that were caught were Splake. I know three fish isn't a large sample size, but I thought it was interesting no one caught any Brookies. I am wondering if all the Brookies I stocked died and the Splake survived due to hybrid vigor?? Highflyer went out with his super fancy fish finder and didn't count many fish at all. ~30 fish IIRC. Those will be my guinea pigs for this coming Winter.

I am waiting to stock more Brookies until 2020. A local hatchery is going to hatch a batch of Temiscamie Brook Trout and I want to start off with those genetics. Waiting another full year to stock sucks!!

Forgot to mention we also put 40 tons of rip rap on the dam this trip. I expected 40 tons to go a lot farther than it did....

I will post more pics for sure. Here's one of the Splake we caught. This was the smallest one. Didn't have phone with us for the other ones.

My son caught the biggest Rainbow in a neighbor's lake I have ever personally seen caught.

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