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New HSB Record for the pond...1.95 pounds at 16.25 inches long. I caught him at 3:30 pm on a copper Rapala Super Duper trout lure (1/4 oz). Actually, it may not have hit the lure as I snagged it in the eye socket. I like to think that he was after it and just missed with his mouth. I was actually fishing for the HBG, but there he was. Water temps were in the low 80's and he showed no signs of distress as he was handled and returned to the pond.

Here's the progression of the HSB in my pond...

April (2018) - Initial stocking, HSB = 4 to 6" long.
Aug (2018) - 11" and 3/4 pound.
Sept (2018) - 13" and 1.3 pounds.
Oct (2018) - 13" and 1.4 pounds.
June (2019) - 14.5" and 1.63 pounds.
July (2019) - 16.25" and 1.95 pounds.

I have only caught a couple that did not get weighed, but for the most part they have been few and far between, increasing in size with most every catch.

Nice fish! I think we have a HSB RW chart around here somewhere if you're curious.