We love our ponds, our fish, and the serenity water (usually) brings. But sometimes things go awry. In the spirit of sharing helps us laugh at our blunders, mistakes, and pratfalls, here's my contribution.

WPE ever: A few days ago I discovered the lid to my TH feeder had come off -- one latch was bent during delivery and has proven problematic. This time, it rained hard on 40 lb of feed. I didn't realize the problem until a couple of weeks later...

The smell of rotting fish food just about knocked me over. It looked exactly like it smelled, a box full of feces. Maggots crawling in it, but I wondered how even they could stand the stench.

Had to control vomit reflex while I dug it out, and a friend shoveled a deep hole for burial purposes. Took 30 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. My wife threw away the trowel I used and made me shower & change clothes -- but she still complained about the smell. Washed my hands eight times... sick

Just hope the neighborhood dogs don't dig it up. eek

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