I have about a 70-90 acre watershed that originates in croplands, winds through forested land, then an Amish horse/cattle pasture and along the road AROUND my pond. It meets up with my pond spillway and then exits my property where my neighbor has two 4' culverts. Before I slowed the water flow, he claimed about every 3-5 years, it washed out his driveway despite the huge culverts.

Since my pond is nutrient deficient, I tap off the top of watershed flow with about 200 feet of drainpipe to my pond. I slow the water with cattails and rip rap in formation like this remedial example:



The bummer about spillway and overflow pipes is, they drain off the least turbid water which is at the top of a water column.

I am a firm believer in, all the issues nature creates, nature corrects. I only attempt to expedite the process since nature is more patient than I am.

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