Optimal Bluegill Feed: Phosphorous - not less than 0.75%

I will certainly test my watershed runoff. It is used for cattle and bailing hay. But, It may be a while before the water flows in again...dry season and all. I'll anticipate the next gully washer.

There is the remnants of a settling pond about 60 feet before the entrance that does some slowing, but every now and again it gets full and a big rain will cause the captured sticks and leaves to flush into the pond. I thought I had over 20 acres of watershed, but recently re-evaluated to find it more like 14 acres. When fast heavy rains happen, the 15" overflow pipe gets overtaken and has run for a couple days before settling to a trickle. The last time it went over the dam was about 5 years ago.

Thanks again Joey! I had not thought about testing the water coming in.

Fish on!,