Thanks Joey for sticking with the thread. I appreciate your attention and comments. The "Zero to 0.25ppm" readings are because my API kit uses colors to determine the level of the test and a few times the cresults were between colors. Therefore, I had to record that it was just somewhere between to the two levels on the chart.

On a side note the oil-like and green-to-brown scums have all but disappeared, water turbidity has stayed the same, & fish are feeding well again (partially because I have held off feeding them for 4 days until the scum ran its course). I'll check the parameters again this weekend.

I have been running the aeration 24/7 (temps 80 @ bottom to 84 @ top), but a heat wave is upon us and I suspect I will have to cut back today or tomorrow. I am surprised that moving the diffusers to 3' instead of 2' off the bottom and running 24/7 has done nothing for clarity.

Fish on!,