It's the same here Funky. Once the trees start to green up there is one type of pollen after another. For the longest, I wrote this off as pollen, but once we've gotten past that phase of spring, this mess just keeps going.

It looks alot like pollen, except pollen will usually seperate when you disturb it. This stuff doesn't.

The best way I've found to handle it is with surface agitation. Ponds that receive good wind dont seem to have this problem and since my pond is projected from wind, I've created my own form of agitation with a DIY fountain. Pond has been virtually free of it since the first day of running it. I know it's not gone...just being kept knocked down.

.10 surface acre pond, 10.5 foot deep. SW LA. The epitome of a mutt pond. BG, LMB, GSF, RES, BH, Warmouth, Longear Sunfish, Gambusia,Mud Minnows, Crappie, and now shiners!!...I subscribe!!