Some things I wanted to add that may shed some light on my water conditions...My night time aeration leaves a bubbly-like scum on the surface, much like the scum a protein skimmer creates for a salt water fish tank. This scum typically disapates by the late afternoon. AND, I have noticed an oil-like film on the water this year. It started with the early spring rains which we have had plenty of. Rain and/or wind would make it disappear, but it would return on calm days. It does not cover the whole surface, but will have splotches consistently over the entire pond. It does not have that rainbow coloring that motor oil produces, but looks rather gray...

Any thoughts of wisdom given my last test results (from above 7-7-19)?...

Secchi Disk Reading - 18".

Water temps - Top to Bottom 82 F.

DO - 4-5 ppm

TDS - 51 ppm (101 ms/cm).

pH - 7.

Ammonia - 0.25 ppm

Nitrates - 0.25 ppm

Phosphates - 0.25 ppm

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