Thanks guys for the insights, I appreciate it very much.

The pond has seen no chemical treatments of any kind. The only "stuff" that might be getting into the water is hay pasture fertilizer from about 15 acres of pasture watershed. I think my neighbor fertilizes once a year, so it should not be anything excessive.

I have been overfeeding, slightly, as it would typically take 30 minutes for the fish to clean up the 1/2 cup of feed (once daily). I stopped auto feeding about a week ago and have been hand feeding to keep it to 15 minutes.

Right now, I am feeling like this endeavor is a catch 22 scenario...cut back the aeration to improve clarity to encourage a bloom sounds like trading this for that. I have raised my diffusers and will give them a week to prove out with respect to turbidity before making any more changes.

And, I will start getting more test results on the weekends at 3 times a day and see where that leads.

Fish on!,