Performed these tests this morning (8:30am). Aeration ran from 11pm last night to 8am this morning. Water samples taken from 16" below surface...

Secchi Disk Reading - 18"

Water temps - Top to Bottom 82 F.

DO - 4-5 ppm (I think this is low and will check again tomorrow evening to check on DO swing.)

TDS - 51 ppm (101 ms/cm) (my well water is 211 ppm)

pH - 7 (my well water is 7)

Ammonia - 0.25 ppm

Nitrates - 0.25 ppm

Phosphates - 0.25 ppm

I have also done a jar test...

Most of the results look good to my newbie eyes. My initial concern was how to clear the water up a little, and now I think I need to look further into DO and try to determine what is making my water brownish. The water looks "muddy" while just standing at the shore, but it looks like very-very weak tea in a jar. I also need to check into an alkalinity test kit, but tomorrow's DO test may hint one way or another.

Any thoughts to kick off my first run at pond water chemistry?

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