Well, yesterday I got the best news I have gotten in a while! Buddy were to the cabin to get some data and make a couple adjustments for me and said there were trout busting everywhere!! I can't believe it! That is two years in a row of over Wintering for me. For those of you that weren't bored enough to read this thread from the beginning (I don't blame you), this place went 20 years with Winter kills every year! If that doesn't prove the power of Pond Boss and aeration I don't know what does!

DO at surface was 8.6 PPM. DO at 12' was 7.7 PPM. Water was 50 F top to bottom. We have NEVER started the year with those kinds of numbers! He said there are millions of scuds swarming the shoreline everywhere and tons of fat heads as well. No real way to verify what percentage of fish survived, but judging from the activity he saw I am assuming a good bit. Interesting side note: Summer 2018 everyone thought all the fish had died. Hours were spent fishing and just watching the lake for signs of activity. It wasn't until mid July that we saw the first fish hit the surface and realized they had lived. Looking back I THINK lower DO had possibly kept their activity suppressed. This year they are apparently going gangbusters.

He said water was murkier than he has ever seen it which is not at all what we were expecting. I am assuming that is because we have had a huge snow-melt runoff this year. We THOUGHT that would make the lake clearer than ever. Still have a fairly substantial amount of runoff to go. He thinks there is at least 2' or more of snow still in the timber above the lake.

While he was up there a storm blew through and hailed on him. He and his truck had to dive for cover!

Cool pic of the lake after the storm

Thank God the solar panels held up. I am impressed.

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