Thanks guys!

Got someone going up on Thursday to gather some data and a few other things. I am very excited to see the DO and temp readings. I will post the results. Unfortunately, it will most likely be a walk in trip. Our driveway is long, steep and on the North face of a ridge so it is usually some of the last snow to melt. If there is ANY snow around the cabin then there is a lot of snow still on the driveway.

Highflyer and I are thinking this will by far be our best year for water quality progress. We turned on the big pump 2.5 months sooner than it has ever been turned on and we did that on a year that the pond is going to receive a staggering amount of run off. The water should be fully mixed and we will really flush the pond out. Hoping that makes a significant and lasting improvement that makes this coming Winter somewhat easier to deal with.

I am HOPING for some fish survival, but over the years of failure I have become cynical about that. We will see. It would be really nice to have some holdovers.

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