Thanks Bill D! I truly appreciate the interest. Things will get a little more interesting this Summer. I am replacing the American Eagle windmill compressor with an actual wind turbine capable of making ~2,500 watts. This should give me quite a bit more power with the winds we have up there especially in Winter. One of the really cool functions this allows me to do is divert power. Here is the plan: Once the turbine is installed, whenever the batteries are fully charged and the wind is still blowing the wind turbine charge controller will activate a relay that will turn on a second air pump. This second pump will be on a second timer set to only run outside the hours of the first pump. SO, if the 2nd pump timer is on (outside of solar hours) AND the relay is on (batteries fully charged) we will be getting additional aeration any time the wind is blowing instead of wasting that power. This should give me a staggering increase in aeration run time. I think this will be a game changer for keeping a hole open through Winter. It should help with the major issues I have faced. Hard for the hole to freeze closed with aeration running, hard for big snows to bridge over the hole with aeration running and hard for condensation to freeze up with aeration running. It also allows me to run the 1HP pump all Winter without having to be concerned about lack of power during the big snow storms.

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