Buddy got back up there last Wednesday and hooked up the big pump!! We had ~18" of new snow since he went up last!! Unbelievable amount of snow this year. Had more snow yesterday and more snow and/or rain in the forecast.

As soon as the big pump was connected we immediately started having large gains in the size of the hole daily. Sadly there was no DO data recorded. He said the conditions were really tough and he didn't feel like trying to get down there and dig through the snow to get down to ice and all that. I don't blame him.

Lots of lessons learned this year. Unfortunately those lessons cost money. I keep telling Highflyer I DON'T WANT TO GET ANY SMARTER!!!!

Crossing my fingers at least some fish were able to find a refuge and survive. In addition to windmills, there was the Thomas 2660 running all Winter just no holes open for a long stretch and low DO early on.

Here is the hole on 05.08.2019. One week of running the 1HP compressor 7.5 hours per day. The very small lone hole is from the Koenders windmill.

Here is a pic to illustrate snow depth on 05.01.2019.

Here you can see the results of the small pump in the snow on the lake. Clearly the small compressor just doesn't produce a plume with enough intensity to cut through that much ice and snow. The big pump immediately got to work.

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