My blooms are a little less but it's a fair trade off. Aquashade just has a lot of pros to it in the pond toolbox IMO. I pay 50 bucks a gallon for it but to me it's worth it. Every spring you just have to know your going to have to have a spring management budget for your pond. Here is mine in a nut shell.

1. 6 bags of AM 600 fish food for the year.
2. 2 gallons of Aquashade (not used all at once mind you)
3. 2 one acre treatments of beneficial bacteria. One in April and one in mid to late June. (PM me if you want to know what I use)
4. 1 acre treatment of cutrine plus granules if your pond needs it and mine usually does. I will treat half acre at a time.

All that added up is about 500 bucks and I save some back all year so I can get it when I need to each spring.

Whoever said having a good pond is not me.. smile

The only difference between a rut and a Grave is the depth. So get up get out of that rut and get moving!! Time to work!!