Great 5 year thread! I, like about everyone that posted in this thread, would like to minimize the $ and labor outlay for the maximum return to each of our Pond Mgt goals... while also stating it's a hobby and is supposed to be fun.

Along that line, will FHM survive? - "it depends" I'm rolling a mess of fish, FHM GSH,(Forage) and RES, YP (just cause I want some different panfish) into established ponds. Three of them, each is unique in the pH weeds, water flow, size and density of predator's LMB & BG (Fishbowl), LMB,BG & BCP (Figur 8), LMB, BG &CC (Long). The common thing is they are all very heavily LOADED with |-structure-|, SAV, standing (cypress) and felled trees, beaver feeding stations, etc. So, am I rolling the dice? Is the cup half full or half empty? Depends - every once of protein (made from outside the specific ponds ecosystem) is a big big plus, IF, and that's where all of us differ, IF some of the forage I put in breeds It's a bigger plus. Do I expect to have to add Forage again - Yup. When and what amount well, that's why I joined this august group of intrepid soggy asses. (Come on we've all slipped at, and got wet, at the edge of our ponds at one point or another) I stock on the 30th, walleye will go in this fall - 'cause I like walleye and my ponds are all deep and I would like a different predator.

I'm not very interested in an auto protein feeder, I am trying to build an organic autonomous forage production, I accept that it will need to be bumped up "recurrently" what that means and how often is what I'll investigate and work out. I think the large amount of structure for the forage gives my Operational Concept a decent chance... it's just rolling the dice that's hard.

I've been reading the forums/threads here, and I'll continue to update this thread with results over the next few years. Looking forward to advice on how/when/what to use to sample the ponds while building a great escape for family and friends.

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8 Ponds in Mid-East Ohio, three streams that merge to 1.

Fishbowl Pond - 1.5 acre, family swimming hole, 22'
Figure 8 Pond - 1.25 acre, 15'
Long Pond - 2.5 acre 20'